Some statistics on Patent Litigation

Lex Machina Releases 2014 Patent Litigation Year in Review

Lex Machin released its second annual Patent Litigation Year in Review report, providing unparalleled depth of insight into the major patent litigation trends of 2014 and the forces behind them.

The report paints a picture of a turbulent, if historic, year for patent litigation. Congress declared patent reform legislation a top priority and the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on a record total of six patent casesand handing down its first decision in more than 30 years on computer-based patentable subject matter in Alice v. CLS Bank.

Meanwhile, patent litigation filing trends took a surprising turn: the second half of 2014 saw a dip in the number of new district court case filings, while Patent Trial and Appeal Board activity swung upward compared to recent years.

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