Innography’s Patent Market Tracker™

Innography’s Patent Market Tracker™ provides  timely US patent assignment data .

Only 14% of reassignments are actual patent sales, with the balance being securitizations, intra-company transfers, mergers, name changes, and inventor to company reassignments. Innography normalizes company names, harmonizes the legal entities, categorizes conveyance types, and removes false-positives. The resulting set provides  insight into who is buying and selling patents, how strong those patents are, and what danger they represent to the market. The service provides reliable insight into organizations and NPEs that are changing IP strategies by selling or acquiring patents in a given technology area.

Innography is a patent analysis software platform that is notable for the integration of hundreds of business and legal data sources into its patent database, including Dun & Bradstreet financial information, and the PACER database of US litigation.